The rabbit took these three orphan dogs and began to take care of them in his hole


A resident of the village of Azovo told Omsk-inform a wonderful story of rescuing newborn puppies. The male rabbit defended itself from cats and licked the puppies.

A very unusual and touching story with animals happened in the regional center of Azovo, Omsk region.

Margarita Startseva, a resident of the village, told RIA „Omsk-inform“ that in the summer a large white-tailed rabbit ran away from one of the farmers. They could not catch him, but closer to the fall, he dug a hole near his house.

She noticed his presence, the mink was visible from the window of the house, she began to feed him.

But he did not go into his arms and did not leave him beside him. Two weeks ago, she noticed that a huge white dog had entered her hole. She thought she ate it, but no.

One day, to my surprise, I saw my rabbit come out. It turned out that the dog lives with the rabbit. One day she met a dog on the road with a dead puppy in its mouth. Last week someone shot her – she was lying on her bloodied side.

After 3 days, the owner of the house heard the squealing of the puppies and saw that they came out of the rabbit hole hungry. At the same time, the eyes of two girls and a boy did not fully open.

The rabbit fed them, but kept an eye on her all the time. And then he ran around them and pricked his nose. He licked them, without him they would not have survived.

Since last Saturday, Margarita has been posting advertisements all over the village looking for owners for puppies and a rabbit.

Two girls have already been taken away by residents of Azovo and Berezovka. The rabbit also had an owner, but he is not taken yet, so that the last remaining puppy does not freeze.

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