A forest guard carries an elephant on his back: the heroic rescue


The mission of forest guards is to protect the heritage of agroforestry, to protect the environment and, in particular, forests and parks. Often they face difficulties that require dedication and dedication, especially when the animals are in a particularly difficult situation.

One day, Indian Forest Service employee Deepika Bajpai filmed the rescue operation of Palanichi Sarathkumar and shared it. The video quickly went viral and he was hailed as a hero.

In southern India, a Tamil Nadu state ranger was carrying a baby elephant on his shoulders that had fallen into a ditch. He was returning home from a night shift when he received a call and was warned that an elephant was blocking the road, he was tired and confused.

The toddler was actually trapped in the mud after falling into the canal. Initially, Palanichamy and his colleagues wanted to take him to his mother. However, there was a risk of frightening her, so the man decided to carry the cub alone.

Carrying the cub for about 50 meters, he placed him near the watering place, hoping that his mother would find him. A few hours later she still hadn’t arrived and the team, fearing that their presence would be inconvenient, returned home.

When he returned the next day, he found no longer a baby elephant, but the footprints of an adult elephant on the ground: mother and son were definitely reunited and returned to the forest.

The video quickly gained a lot of views, the ranger received many messages of support. People congratulated him and marveled at his strength and determination: all the inhabitants of his village asked him how he manages to carry on his shoulders a baby elephant, which, although a baby, should weigh about 90-100 kg.

He said that the animal was very heavy, but adrenaline and fear helped him to do it. He was afraid to lose his balance, but his comrades intervened and helped him carry the animal.

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