True Survival Story: She was kidnapped at 4 and then abandoned in the jungle among the monkeys


The woman in the photographs below does not know her real name, her exact age, her parents, or her place of birth. Her story causes surprise, sympathy and admiration.

It is hard to imagine, but in 1959 she was found in the impenetrable jungles of Colombia. There she lived for about 5 years among the capuchin monkeys.

Marina Chapman (that’s the name she chose for herself) remembers only one thing: she was about 4 years old, she played on the street near the house, suddenly two people come up to her, grab her and take her away with them.

Then the kidnappers took Marina with them, but did nothing wrong to her and released her on the same day. So the little girl was left completely alone in an unfamiliar area.

She wandered for a very long time and finally realized that she was lost. Several days without food and without water severely undermined her strength. She ate an unfamiliar plant and poisoned herself.

The Capuchins came to her aid! The monkeys watched Marina for a long time, and then took her to a source of fresh water.

Gradually, the girl was adopted into a family of monkeys, she learned to crawl through trees, to understand edible and inedible, to understand the sounds that monkeys made. So five years passed.

Once hunters found Marina, it would seem that this is salvation, but the misfortunes did not end there. Marina was about 10 years old when she was returned from the jungle to the human world.

They handed over the girl to a brothel, where she cleaned the premises for food. This did not last long, Marina managed to escape.

For a long time she lived on the streets of Kukuta, hiding from the police, she got her own food. But once luck still had to smile at her. And that day has come.

Social services found a new family for Marina, the girl was allowed to choose a name, she received an education, and successfully married.

Now she has a beloved family (below there is a photo with her daughter).

And a few years later, Marina wrote a book about her life and called it “The Girl with No Name”. It became a real literary sensation.

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