Abandoned kittens first learned what love and care is from their big foster dog mom


This is Miss Jackson – a dog with a big heart! She has raised many abandoned puppies and cat babies.

The former owners handed over their four-legged pet to the shelter and abandoned him, but, fortunately, there were kind people who adopted Miss Jackson.

They are engaged in foster care of orphaned and abandoned kittens.

When Ms. Jackson first arrived at her new home, she met two kittens that the shelter gave to the family for foster care.

The maternal instinct took over from her and the dog began to take care of the kids, as if they were her own children.

The kittens, who did not know maternal care and love, became attached to their big foster mother.

Like all small children, they love to misbehave together, run around the room and frolic.

And Miss Jackson is calm about all the children’s pranks.

She has the wisdom to endure their antics. When the kids get tired, they lie down under her warm barrel and sweetly fall asleep.

These are real moments of happiness!

Also, the foster mother dog closely monitors the feeding of her children.

As soon as they drink the milk from the syringe, Miss Jackson carefully takes the kittens in her mouth and carries them to a secluded place to wash dirty faces and brush their fur.

Then mom hugs them, sighs loudly and finally calms down.

We don’t have a real video of Miss Jackson and her kids, but we can only imagine how cute it is!

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