After spending more than five years in a shelter, the dog was adopted a few days before Christmas


This dog’s name is Seamus. He lived in the shelter for a long time and already won the hearts of all the volunteers, and now he is so happy that he is finally reunited with his long-awaited and beloved family, which he needed so much.

According to the director of the shelter, it was a real Christmas miracle!

The Fresno Bully Rescue staff had no hope that this dog would ever leave the shelter and start a family.

He was eventually adopted after that five years later. At the shelter, he is remembered as a dog who loves cookies and finds toys in the trash.

This center is primarily for dogs that are considered a dangerous breed, and a maximum of 40 dogs can be accommodated there.

Bridget really wanted to share the story of this dog that is sure to get people moving and the importance of adopting animals from a shelter.

But unfortunately, there are many dogs in the shelter that have not found their family for years, often left without attention due to their characteristics or age.

The family was very happy that they finally adopted Seamus, and even created a social page where you can see photos of the dog.

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