The wife saved the crow cubs, and when trouble happened to her son, the mother of the crow paid off the debt


A few years ago, a woman named Ann Edwards spotted a live crow in a garden near her home. She heard some strange sounds and ran into the garden to find out what was about to happen.

Finally, she saw a frightened crow sitting with her mother on the fence of the garden. Inside they had a cat trying to jump over the fence.

The woman immediately knew what she needed to do. She immediately picked up the cat and returned it to the poor crow on the tree from which it had fallen.

The mother of the animal did not intervene and did not interfere with Anna. She named the crow Mildred. Once, when Anna’s son became seriously ill, an ambulance had to be called.

Doctors provided first aid, but it was not enough for this. The mother was very worried about her son, and it was clear that Mildred was also worried. Anna heard alarmed crows outside the window.

The animal sat near their house and even the rain and wind did not bother him at all.

Usually at night the bird went to his favorite tree, where he could hide from the weather. But that day, he realized that his friend needed support from him.

The animal sat under the woman’s window day and night. The woman felt very good thanks to the support of the animal. After three days, fortunately, the boy finally returned home healthy.

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