A schoolboy sent a gift to a poor Filipino girl, not assuming that in 14 years she would become his wife


Love can unite people even from different parts of the world. And this story, which began 20 years ago with a present for Christmas, is a direct proof of that.

American Tyler Wolfe was at that time 7 years old. In one organization, a charity event was held: adults and children could bring gifts there, which were sent to children from low-income families around the world.

Then Tyler also decided to participate in this. He took a shoe box, put his gift and covered it with gift paper. Of course, he didn’t forget about the greeting card, and he also put his own photo there.

At that time, he did not know who would get his gift. He just did a good deed, which he then simply forgot about.

Tyler’s gift went to a girl from the Philippines, whose name was Joan Marchand. 11 years after receiving the gift, Tyler received a friend request on one of the social networks.

The guy saw an unfamiliar girl and decided to reject the application. Then the girl tried her luck again. This time, Tyler thought that perhaps this girl had once studied with him and accepted.

After some time, the girl decided to write to the first young man. She admitted that all these years she kept his gift and photograph.

Tyler was amazed and did not immediately understand what was happening. After several months of communication, young people realized that they had a lot in common and they had a destiny.

Then Tyler received an invitation from Joan to visit and immediately went to the Philippines.

Seeing each other, the couple realized that they fell in love with each other.

The guy met the girl’s parents, and later she met his family. About 3 years later they got married. So one simple Christmas present sealed the fate of two young people and brought them together.

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