Cat George who goes on a solo adventure on trains and buses and then returns home


Owners often worry when their beloved pet disappears from home. But that’s okay for this tabby cat named George.

He is very fond of adventure in Scotland. He has been seen jumping on trains, buses and even cars.

This is all perfectly normal for its owners, and they know that their cat is very adventurous. George is a rescue cat who was adopted by his parents 5 years ago and is now famous all over the area.

Its owners even encourage the cat and have opened a page for him on the social network.

Here you can see his adventures. Every day he leaves the house for a few hours and knocks on the door and communicates with new people every time.

He often goes to people’s homes, kindergartens, shops. Once he even found his way on a school bus to a safari park.

But one day he returned home for a few days, which was his longest trip. This time, the family was very worried and even posted an announcement on the social network.

Fortunately, many people responded and it turned out that he was 14 miles from home. Luckily, the couple spotted it and returned it to its owners.

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