Sad cat was returned to the shelter three times for unknown reasons


The heart of this poor cat was broken for the third time, and each time he thought that this would be the last and was enchanted. Unfortunately, not all homeless animals bring good luck to the family.

This cat was adopted three times and brought back three times without any explanation.

His heart was broken by their rejection, so his guardians, knowing how special this cat is, how sad he is, decided to publish his story on social networks, hoping that he would finally find a family that loves and respects him.

The cat’s name was Oscar and he was quite old. Now he lives in the RSPCA animal shelter, the reason for the return of both families was the same, but the cat was very upset.

Luckily, one family came along and wanted to take him in and give him a lot of warmth and love. The employees of the shelter were very happy for him, but this joy did not last long, he was fired.

Employees say that he is very gentle and sweet, but at any moment he can change and become aggressive.

When they circulated the chat story, many people were touched and interested, but the staff no longer wanted to interrupt the chat because of their bad decision.

He was eventually placed in the care of an elderly couple, and although they live far away, the cat move was quickly resolved.

Today, he is finally happy and loved by his family, telling them that the cat is quite friendly and outgoing.

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