Smart dog saves the life of his owner, who suddenly had a stroke and lost consciousness


The life of this man named Brian was saved by his faithful dog.

He adopted a dog from a shelter, but the staff was very doubtful that the dog would have a good relationship with a man, because his previous owners had just returned him to the shelter.

Sean again had to adjust to the new routine. But fortunately, everything worked out, and with his heroic step, he proved how much he loves his new master.

Once at home there was a very serious incident.

Brian suddenly had a stroke and fell to the floor, but luckily his faithful friend the dog was by his side and didn’t go anywhere until the ambulance arrived. There was no one else at home, only the two of them.

He constantly licked his master and went to the phone to call for help again and again. Fortunately, everything is fine with them now, his owner is recovering, but sometimes he misses his savior very much.

Now the dog lives with the man’s family, and sometimes they can see each other via video chat.

They are looking forward to the day of reunion because they have become good friends, and thanks to this loyal animal, Brian has another chance at life.

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