The story of the rescue of a puppy whose fate threatened death twice


One day, two road workers went down to the creek bridge in Sidewell, Kentucky, to inspect the site of future work.

Their attention was immediately attracted by a large dirty bag in the water, from where … the head of a puppy was sticking out.

The poor kid kept his last strength in the icy water, and even the veterinarian, after examination, did not give any chance of survival.

The bag was stuffed with stones and tied up for security.

The puppy was very lucky that the evil man got greedy and took an old, torn bag and he managed to squeeze through the hole and put his muzzle above the water.

She acted instinctively, because the veterinarian quickly found out that she was a deaf and blind girl.

Chapel, as the dog was called, refers to the Australian Shepherd.

She has a rare mutation, which outwardly manifests itself in the purest white color of the fur with rare and beautiful spots, and deafness and blindness go into the appendage.

Chapel had to die twice – both born flawed, not adapted to life, and by the will of man in ice water.

To the surprise of experienced veterinarians, the dog quickly recovered, began to pose in front of the lens and turned into a local landmark.

People quickly raised funds and sent them to new owners in a neighboring state to help a cute girl.

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