The head of this poor cat was stuck in a bottle and he could not eat or drink, but at the last moment a miracle happened


Locked in a plastic bottle, the cat could no longer drink or eat and could have died if passers-by hadn’t noticed him.

Our waste is costly to wildlife, not only in the sea, but sometimes in animal life. Sometimes trash cans can also be a real danger.

This stray cat living in the Cayman Islands learned this firsthand when she suddenly stuck her head in a plastic bottle with the bottom and neck cut off.

Unable to go any other way, the kitten, unfortunately, got stuck in this garbage and almost died due to not being able to eat and drink.

Indeed, this trap prevented her from drinking and eating to live, and in a few days she would have died of hunger and dehydration if a caring person had not seen him.

She immediately alerted Feline Friends, a community of citizens caring for homeless animals who were able to capture him and free him.

The cat is supposed to have been rummaging through trash cans looking for food and got its head stuck like that.

They were able to free him from the bottle with scissors and then they took him to the vet as he was completely dehydrated.

He has since made a full recovery and was released completely healthy. Hopefully in the future it will be more careful.

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