It’s time for yoga! Photographer captures bear stretching and feeding two cubs


It was an incredible moment when one day a photographer saw a mother bear feeding two cubs at the same time, maintaining a fantastic balance.

The name of the photographer is Rene Doyle, he is 54 years old. Fortunately, he managed to capture this moment.

While working, he suddenly stumbled upon the Big Dipper with two other little cubs that were near the lake and played in the water, after which the mother lay on her back, and one of the cubs climbed onto her stomach to drink milk from the nipple.

For the mother, it was a time for relaxation, she watched her children every minute, played with them, trained them and made sure that they were safe.

The photographer really liked this beautiful moment and he decided that he should take a picture of it.

Taking advantage of this moment of relaxation, Bear decided to stomp her paws, giving the photographer rare and very successful pictures, in which she seems to be doing yoga with children.

Even then, she was watching the surroundings, not for a moment losing her vigilance. The photographer was very close to them, so it was dangerous and even gave him chills.

He really likes to shoot in nature and will meet with wild animals, taking pictures of their daily routine. If it was interesting, please share it with your friends and family !

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