A small dog waits every day for the visit of his beloved postman


It’s safe to say that no one waits for the arrival of a mail truck as much as this dog named Franny. All day this little sweet creature is focused on this and waiting for this moment.

Every morning he stands at the door, waiting for the white truck to finally pull up. And as soon as he sees him, joy fills his whole heart and body, and he begins to wag his tail happily.

Dan is his postman, the only person on the street who is interested in this 5-month-old long-haired chihuahua.

It was on that day that Caress, with her new dog in her arms, went outside to get the mail. Dan was stopped for a short chat and she asked him if he would like to hold Frannie for a while.

According to Lasky, he got out of the car, made cute facial expressions, and let her kiss him. Since then, it seems that this should have been happening every day.

Dan has been the top local for years – he always showed up on time and worked hard when it came to his job. He was always the nicest postman in the area and all the people in their area loved him.

It’s no surprise to Caress that her puppy is in love with Dan, the whole neighborhood already knows about it! Frannie just sits by the door and watches waiting for him with the white truck.

And when the truck is already visible to him, he begins to shake and make a loud sound, making it clear that he has come.

Then she lays him down in the driveway and lets him tear. He runs down the aisle until he reaches it… and he laughs – it makes his day better and more beautiful!

Frannie usually looks forward to Dan’s travels, so his absence can be hard on the dog.

He not only makes Frannie’s day better, but also plays with him to make Dan feel better on the road.

At the moment, according to Lasky, sometimes he is happy to see him more than he does him. It really turned into a big connection between them and everyone is already used to it!

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