Deaf old dog kept lost girl warm for over 24 hours


When this little girl named Gabrielle went out for a walk in the yard with their dog Max, her parents weren’t worried.

Although the girl was not even four years old, she was looked after and guarded by an old Australian shepherd. True, she was already old and lost her hearing 2 years ago.

But the eyesight, scent and protective qualities of the dog were excellent. At 3 pm on Friday, Gabrielle was tired from her walk in the garden and quietly slipped through the back door.

Max followed her like a shadow. The girl decided to go deep into the forest to explore uncharted territory.

But she did not calculate her strength and moved far enough from home, lost her orientation and got lost. The parents began looking for the child in the late afternoon and immediately organized a search.

Unfortunately, the dogs almost immediately lost sight of the girl, as yesterday’s rain erased all traces of them.

They had to wait for the morning and the arrival of rescuers, because a night search would be useless and ineffective. At dawn, a hundred rescuers arrived at the ranch. They formed a large circle with the locals and went looking for her in all directions at once.

People were looking for Gabrielle, constantly calling the name of the girl. And at 8 in the morning they heard a faint, distant answer to their name.

The girl was found and rescued. But Max greeted the rescuers with the first restrained grunt.

All this time he was next to the girl, protecting and saving her from everything and everyone.

Only then did the dog allow the strangers to approach Gabrielle. When I recognized my parents among the rescuers. So the dog growled and protected the girl from wild animals and strangers.

It looks like the girl even slept with the dog, as her dress had patches of hair, and she smelled strongly of dog hair.

Apparently, Max covered her with his body at night and during the rain, so that she would remain warm and not freeze. If it was interesting, please share it with your friends and family !

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