What this mother of eight children looks like 13 years after giving birth


This woman is a frequent guest on American talk shows: people have been interested in her person since her pregnancy, when it turned out that she was expecting eight children! Pregnancy is difficult for the mother-to-be.

In 2009, Natalie Suleman became the first woman in the world to carry and give birth to eight twins. By the time the eight children were born, the woman already had children of different ages, and the number was also very impressive – six.

Natalie never refused the help of plastic surgeons and cosmetologists.

She even had a breast augmentation after having her third child and after giving birth to 8 twins, she had liposuction because she gained a lot of weight and struggled to lose it on her own, but she had a hormonal imbalance.

At the moment, Natalie has been actively involved in sports for several years. She says that it gives her strength, helps to manage emotions and maintain health.

She also encourages her children to play sports. The woman says it gives her the mental and physical strength and stamina to be the best she can be, especially as a mother. This is a healthy habit that increases her productivity both at work and at home.

They lead by example and teach their children about future health. She decided to instill the value of health and fitness by living the right lifestyle that she wants her children to lead.

This unusual family has over 100,000 social media followers. Today, 13 years after giving birth, Natalie looks great. She is currently 46 years old.

Needless to say, no one knows how a family actually lives. In social networks, everything is fine with them: the children smile and rejoice, and the woman herself speaks of quite fair values.

But the reality is far from that: hired nannies have repeatedly complained about Natalie to social services.

As for her appearance, at 46, a woman has an athletic and slender figure and looks quite fit! If it was interesting, please share it with your friends and family !

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