An age-old secret hidden under the roots of a tree is revealed


Anyone can come across something that can be directly related to science. So it was this time, when nature once again decided to show us something strange and mysterious. Then she sent a huge storm to the inhabitants of Ireland.

It was a terrible storm that literally hit the village. Almost all residents were damaged. It is terrible to think what harm this mighty wind could cause, appearing from nowhere and disappearing into the unknown.

The storm was so strong that it uprooted an ancient tree from the ground – a beech, which was known for its rather powerful root system.

This is what interested the inhabitants, since human remains, or rather a human skeleton, were found in its roots. What was their surprise when they found the remains of bones inside a rhizome that had grown over several hundred years.

And scientists immediately joined this discovery. A preliminary examination showed that the skeleton belonged to a guy from 17 to 25 years old.

They also managed to find out that he was somehow seriously injured by a sharp object. There are many possibilities for how he died. Radiocarbon analysis determined that the guy died about 1000 years ago.

To catch the connection between this „time traveler“ and the period of a thousand years ago, it will be necessary to study numerous archives, study the trajectories of tribal peoples and the places of ancient human settlements.

Only then it was possible to establish his nation and what exactly he was able to do on these lands. Currently, archaeologists continue to excavate at this site, and soon they will finally be able to uncover new secrets about it.

Upon closer inspection, utensils, tools, or weapons may be hidden on the floor. Naturally, if any of this comes to the surface, the media will definitely report it. All we can do is wait.

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