This wonderful golden doggie shows how proud he is of his stick collection to his daddy


This is Bruce, he is 4 years old and lately, he became a stick collector. This boy is so enthusiastic about the sticks that he collects and he loves each and every one of them. Bruce lives in the US with his daddy.

He is the best boy as his daddy says. Bruce has been collecting sticks as long as he has been able to. His beautiful pictures went viral and everybody just loved Bruce.

Once a large snowfall left 12 inches of snow around his house and the little has been able to go out only once and he took one stick at time that were his absolute favourites.

One day when he was out on the snowy days he lost one of his beloved sticks and did every possible thing under his power to find it. Bruce was able to find the stick only after the snow was fully gone.

From that day on he probably promised himself not to be without a stick even for one day and that’s when he started his collection.

Now he has more than 50 sticks but none of them are for playing, but simply for collection.

After once playing fetch without a stick it almost costed him his life, so now Bruce does not play fetch with a stick. What says his owner about that, is that Bruce is the light of his life and he is overly proud of him.

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