Poor little puppy whose tail was cut off with scissors finally finds a loving forever family


Many stray animals have an abusive life. Happily there are some cases when the rescuers step in the right time and save them. That kind of story is our today’s story about Smouse.

The little poor dog, before being rescued had gone a huge pain. Her owner used scissors to cut her tail off which left her in indescribable pain and agony. Eventually the wound was cured and little Smouse was saved.

The rescue company stepped in and took her away from the bad owner and immediately started working on treating her, in every directions, no matter physical or mental.

Her story though having a rough start continued being a very beautiful one. The little one overcame so much trauma and pain, but finally was happy. She even managed to find a loving forever home she always deserved.

It’s already not important how the previous owner treated her, what’s most important is that she was saved and now her family spoils her with lots of toys and she also has lots of new friends.

We all are so happy for her, she is now truly enjoying her life.

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