Unique white giraffe has been noticed in Tanzania National Park


There are some extraordinary creatures that sometimes we do not even believe that they are real.One of that kind of animals is Omo ababy giraffe who is only 15 months old.

Everybody thinks that her photos has been photoshopped but it’s not like that she is real. She is suffering from leucism that is a condition resulting a partial loss of skin color.

Omo was noticed in Tanzania National Park, by DR. Derek Lee who is the fonder of wild life institution .

He is treated so well by other giraffes and they do not even seem to bother about her different coloring at all.

Derek and all her partners do their best to help Omo and all her family survive, they want to make sure that they live a happy and beautiful life. We all hope that she will have a long and happy life, and some day have her own babies.

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