A kind man quits his job to travel the country and save pups from shelters


It’s very important to be a good example for our children. The story of this man will prove that. Lee grew up in Los Angeles, with a family of 9 rescued animals who lived alone.

And from that time on he learned that people are intended to help animals in need. And he had saved 16 of them since then.

As a young boy he loved spending time in animal rescue shelters learning about the rescue process. As a result he understood that his life purpose would be saving animals and find them as much homes as possible.

Lee said that he could bring to his house seven dogs and two kittens. He always could help them. All of them were saved from a harsh street life and as a result lived wonderful lives.

He shared that the motivation for that comes from love towards dogs and from the realization that by saving them you give the chance of living to other dogs. After the rescue you get a fantastic feeling.

This story is a new source of motivation to help stary animals to be kinder and never think that any kind of animal can be useless.

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