Poor dog was left to die in a park because he was an other kind


Sometimes the cruelty of people scares me. This is Petey, a little poor pup that was left on the street all alone to die, just because he was different.

Fortunately a kind woman was crossing the street with her son when noticed the doggie. They immediately rushed him to the vets.

There were two of them, Petey and his brother. Sadly his brother was not able to fight for life, but Petey decided to fight till the end.

After some time the vets noticed that Petey was not able to move properly and they it turned out that the poor baby’s cerebellum was not fully developed.

These might have occured because of genetics or some infections in the mother during development. However his disability does not bother Petey, he is one of the most playful and amazing dogs ever.

And also he loved meeting new people and getting to know them. With time he learned to eat on his own, literally adores running around and cuddles.

He was very soon adopted by a lovely couple that is never ever going to leave him behind just because he is different.

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