The US marine is followed by a wild dog over seventy miles across the country


Dogs need our love, they need our attention and devotion. They do not deserve to be maltreated especially abused. This dog was abused for a long period of his life.

And he after a long time finally found a human who will love him for the rest of their life. This American soldier met a stray dog named Nubs. The poor pup’s ears were cut off by the people of Iraq. They became best buds instantly.

After some time when he was transferred to another camp the dog followed him on foot. It walked over 70 miles and for that the man was really surprised.

The man continued caring for the dog when he was stabbed by another soldier. However keeping a dog was against military rules.

The soldier decided to adopt the baby dog and bring it back to America. He got friends to donate money to fly him home. And finally the dog, got to live with him. This story is now a very popular one that people enjoy.

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