This gigantic dog decides to shop at a Dollar store all by himself


Dogs really love going shopping with their owners. But have you ever seen a dog going shopping all alone. Such kind of situation happened in a Dollar store where the dog came and refused to go out the shop.

Workers of the shop were forced to ask the police for help. They arrived really quick and tried to help the clerks to get the dog out of the shop. Although he was harmless he refused to go out of the store.

This is a story of Bentley the dog. Getting the dog to exit the shop was a real hard thing for the police. They firstly tryied to use the leg restraints that weren’t big enough for Bentley.

The final decision was to close up the shop for the day. Unfortunately they were not able to do anything when the dog was inside. They tried really hard to get him out of the shop but failed.

They were really afraid that something might happen to Bentley. But his size and cleanness proved that he is a house dog.

Some time after finally they could took him out of the shop. But they took pictures of Bentley just to remember the way he looked.

As he had a microchip it was easy for them to determine his owners and reunite them. Happily they were reunited after all these hardships.

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