Little cute bunnies think the puppy is their mommy so they snuggle up to her for protection


One thing that will always be incredibly cute it’s when one species of animal thinks that a different species is their mom.

If you spend some time on the internet you probably have seen some of them. You know cats that consider a puppy their mom and vice versa.

All that stories are cute but there are some of them that are just perfect. Meet these cute little bunnies that consider a very amazing golden retriever to be their mother.

The dog’s name is Bailey, is she is just a perfect dog. Her golden furr combined with her pretty cute face is something out of reality.

Bailey is just a perfect mom. She is so gentle and loving she cares so much for the babies that they just adore her. If you know that she is taking care of not just one or two babies, but there are 22 of them.

They all are so happy and incredible. In their eyes Bailey is their mommy and nothing can change that.

Lots of dogs might feel uncomfortable being around other species but Bailey is someone who is so caring that she does not care who is she taking care of.

Bailey loves when the bunnie babies cuddle around her giving her love and warmth. Seems like they feel safe around her.

There are times when the bunnies love playing around and on their mom. Other times when they do not want to play all they do is to snuggle up around Bailey.

Bailey has always been a perfect puppy and appearing so caring and full of love surprised nobody. She’s really good with them and it’s so lovely watching them.

When you search on the internet for good mood videos, the first one, that will pop up on your screen is Bailey’s playing with the bunnies and there a bird appears.

Turned out that the family besides the dog and Bunnies also had a little bird with whom Bailey had a very beautiful relationship as well.

So whenever you are in a bad mood or feeling down, just search on the internet their videos and you day will become a little bit brighter.

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