Girl’s new rescue doggie is so full of energy but when she sings a lullaby, and it starts working


This video of a babygirl singing to her pup to sleep went viral. her mother posted it on her page and commented it as ‚ And that’s why you should adopt a rescue pup‘. You won’t believe your eyes and ears watching this video.

This family instead of buying a new little puppy decided to go on a rescue team and take one of that rescue puppies. They all do their best to save the dogs from the young to the older ones and to find a family for them.

Lots of dogs and cats are brought to the shelters in the USA annually.

A terrible number of pets are put down every year, but luckily the number has steadily declined in recent years, which speaks about greater availability of animal adoptions from rescue centers.

Also there were great number of stray animals that were returned to their worried animals. The authorities announced that almost 3 million animals were adopted by US families every year.

And the special fields do their best just to take good care of the animals. They do everything under their control just to make things work for the stray animals as well.

So we thank every single person that does their best to save those in need. Your prove your love to world every single day.

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