Sociable husky courageously faces the thunderstorms by voicing his funny thoughts


Sometimes even dogs can be really talkative and expressive. Meet K’eyush a very sociable and humorous dog that can every person in her surroundings smile and feel happy. He lives with Jodie and her family.

Jodie had posted several videos of her dog and she interpreted his talks in a very humorous manner.

But the funny thing is that she was really able to put the right words in the right situations and really seemed that the dog was saying so.

Once Key was enjoying her beautiful evening when it suddenly started raining. As the sound of rain was really loud it made Key both sad and angry.

He kept complaining and saying how he does not like the rain and especially the noise of it. Key kept arguing with his mom telling her that he wants the rain to stop as quick as possible.

He thought that the sky was furious and wanted his mum to be careful. As he did not want any rain he was very loud every time.

The pup was also disturbed with the situation as he had to talk louder to his mom, being afraid that she won’t be able to hear her. This situation and the woman’s interpretation were so funny that will get into fits of laughter.

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