Brave stray kitten sneaks into police department and chooses officer as his human


Police departments all over the world know very well the pups, but we cannot say the same in case of kitties. So once in Police Department of Columbia a street kitten entered into their building wanting some attention.

It seemed as if he came to show that the police are giving too much attention to canines but none of it comes to felines. This cat showed that he wanted warm hugs from each and every police officer.

And he with his soft cuddles eased everyone’s day here and here. It was like he gave love to everybody.

The cat’s name is Kingsley, the most brave cat who sneaked into the police department.

He wanted to take pictures with every officer. See them posing for a picture.

And just by snuggling them he eased their wat to work. When they understood that Kingsley’s owner was gone forever one of the officers offered him a forever loving family.

Look him with Officer Brandon that gave him a forever loving family.

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