Amazingly “hard-working” cat has spent over 10 years of his life running a shop without taking even a single day off


Remaining without home and no family is really hard and there are creatures that cannot handle it. One of them is Bobo, the little ginger cat that perfectly knows the importance of hard work and dedication.

He was lucky enough to get found by a shop employee that brought him in and let him stay in his shop. From that day on Bobo worked there being a very good worker.He spent there almost the ten years of his life.

Bobo pretty well handled all the important tasks such as sitting on every random piece of cardboard, staring out the window as well meowing at all the customers.

He also loved knowing where all the employees were, loved keeping eye on them, and knowing what were doing all the dime.

And as he was te only cat in the whole shop and he treated his job really seriously he was named King Bobo.

During all that years he made lots of friends and acquaintances and got everyone’s heart. He had lots of fans there who loved taking care of him and pating him.

Everyone mad esure that the kitten has gotten all the important shots to live a long and good life. In 2014 Anne Liao came to work at that shop and soon after that he became his beloved person. They became the closest friends.

Liao even opened an Isntagram account for him, for people to enjoy his beauty from all over the world. He is so friendly and calm.

Everybody loves him and even if he is the only cat in the shop he never feels alone or deserted.  He loved guiding customers through the shop and showing them around.

And even though he loved his position in the shop very much, Bobo understood that after so many years in he shop it was time for some changes.

So he found a forever family and now lives with his new mother. They adore each other and will surely have long and amazing years together.

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