The stray kitten is taken in by a rescue dog after being noticed strolling on the street


Moving to a new place can be very depressing and hard period of life. To overcome that tough period we meet to new beings who will be able to fade away that hardship.

So Bebe and his family moved to a new house some months ago. They there found a stray kitten that was strolling around the neighborhood.

At first stage when nobody was even aware the dog was going and checking on the kitten. They were becoming friends with every passing day. After some time the family started feeding the feline.

They together sat in the yard maybe talking about some staff.

As the owners mention Bebe has never been friends with any other animal. So it proved that teh cat is a very kindhearted one.

After some time the cat got their trust. They now all live together.

The wonderful cat follows the dog everywhere. She has now become a full member of their family. She is loved and valued by everyone.

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