They took in a stray kitten without knowing they needed her so much


When we lose somebody we love, there come to be really hard times. It really hard to realize that that person is not there anymore.

So three years ago Heidi said her last goodbye to her beloved friend Bellah. And the same day she got a message that there is a tiny kitten that needs help.

Heidi who owns a cat rescue center immediately responded to the call. They found out that the baby was orphaned by her mom. The baby was found on a parking lot and nobody had a clue how she survived.

They were like meant for each other, and so Heidi decided to name her after Bellah, and gave her the name Ellah. Little kitty had such sad eyes, when she looked at her owner with those eyes her heart was taken immediately.

From that day on she carried her on her arms, bottle fed her and brought her back to health. Ellah then was introduced to other cats but she preferred staying with her mommy and cuddling her up all day long.

When days went by Ellah continued choosing her foster moment over her furr friends. She followed Heidi everywhere becoming her closest confidant ever.

When weeks went by Heidi knew for sure that she cannot give her up for adoption, she knew that. And as her husband saw how connected they became as he saw that they were healing each other.

The kitten was healing Heidi’s broken heart. Kitten that used to be a former parking lot property now is a best companion of her beloved momma.

She follows her through everything, from the very moment she wakes up, till the bed time. Ellah always waits for her mommy and sleeps with her in the same bed. They are like the purrfect match for one another.

Heidi always says that Ellah is over special. Life always prepares us to better and brighter days. All we need to do is to be attentive and to feel the right moment of appreciation.

In the case of Ellah and Heidi they got the key to happiness and kept it with love and devotion.

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