This is Lola, a pup who had spend more than 8 years in a garage, finally finds her forever home


Imagine yourself being locked in a garage. All alone without any food or water. It’s terrible right? So the same happened to Lola a sweet dog that was locked in a garage for more that 8 years.

He had such hard and tough days being there all alone. He had no food noplace to sleep. And then one day a very kind person happened to meet him. Then he immediately took to action and called for help.

When the team arrived they wanted to persuade her to go with them for a better life. At first she was a little scared but then she started wagging her tail. She was incredibly happy and grateful to finally meet her rescuers.

They took her to vet and there they removed several tumors. Lola was about to stay at the hospital for several months. Then she was transferred to a foster home.

There she didn’t have to wait too long to find her forever family.

Charlene when met Lola decided to adopt her right after that. Lola now has more comfy beds than she could have ever imagined.

She adores relaxing on the sofa or on teh yard furniture. Lola enjoys her best life now.

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