Meet Chata, the wonderful kitten kitten that’s became famous in Instagram for his sweet sleeping habits


Have you ever met a munchkin breed of kittens. If you have you surely know how pretty and adorable they are. But this little baby has taken all over the internet with his cute sleeping positions.

His name is Chata, who sleeps in a ways that make him look like a real human. It’s not important weather he is lying down or sitting up, Chata is always cute.

He just takes everybody’s heart with his sweet character. And his owners are posting some pictures of him on social media that makes the situation even harder.

Chata is from China and has a little sister named Chava. His sleeping positions are so human like that you won’t be able to believe that he is a cat.

When he lies down on his back it makes obvious that he is like a human. Just add a blanket and the picture becomes more complete.

At his relaxed face, all that is left to do is to just look at his sweet face and pet his fluffy soft belly.

Seems like he is smiling in his sleep. We know for sure that Chata is very calm in his family to be so able to sleep so soundly.

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