Mother Lynx runs after her baby out in the rain to bring her back inside


One russian woman was taking care of a wild lynx family. They were always up to some things and no matter how hard the woman tried to put them down, they were always able to stand up again.

Baby lynx ate around 40 milliliters of milk per day, and was fond of her human mother. They also felt that the lady’s kiddo also loved them very much. The 2 naughty babies tried to take a nap on the girl’s bed.

After some time the woman was found sitting in the woods with the Lynx family and she always kept the babies in her arms. However it seemed that the mom cat was not even bothered by their closeness.

One of the mama cats was resting with her baby outside enjoying the great weather. The other one was resting with the baby inside the shed.

Later the 2 cats were taking a relaxing moment on the ground when one of the babies followed the mama. She wanted to play with her. The other problem that Lynx has now is that one of the babies has gone out of the garden.

The attentive mother took her back but the baby ran away again, so the mama this time brought her back and placed into the shed but on a higher shed this time. Just to make sure that the baby won’t be able to get down again.

They rested on the woman’s lap and really soon fell asleep feeling the stillness and calmness of their human mommy.

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