Amazing curious pup befriends playful and lovable foal and they are besties now


When two creatures meet each other and there goes a sparkle in them it becomes obvious immediately. So when this 10 months old pup met this baby foal their connection was created immediately after.

They love each other very tenderly and the baby horse loves covering his friend up with sudden kisses and nibbles.
They are so lovely. Here is what happens when the baby foal and an amazing dog happen to meet.

They end up being the best friends. This couple loves playing and spending time together so much. Their friendship blossoms with every new day.

Luckily their beautiful moments were caught on the camera when they were having fun. As the horse gave kisses on the dog’s face and in response he licks its neck.

What we can know for sure is that their friendship will be a long lasting journey. As their love and devotion is sensed even behind the screens. Their great story warmed our hearts.

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