Mother bear brought its cub to the woman so that she pulled the splinter out of its little paw


It was a beautiful warm morning when this story took place. The air outside was really freshening. So the lady of our story was walking along the lake where the weather in the mornings was even better.

But this morning was different from the others, as she noticed a mother bear with her baby there. As she didn’t want to bother them, the lady decided to sit on the ground near the tree and wait until they will go.

She mentioned that people of their village are not afraid of bears as they show up there regularly. However this woman decided that she should be careful with them.

But the woman didn’t manage to hide perfectly as the bear noticed her and was coming towards pushing forward her baby.

When they got closer the woman saw that the baby’s paw was wounded and there was a huge splinter in there. As they couldn’t get it out by themselves the mother came to her for help.

She could take the splinter out with one sharp movement and the baby was grateful. As the woman saved her child the bear didn’t hurt her.

We know that lots of people would not believe in so, but as the woman mentioned in their village bears are not scary people feed them really often and they do nt touch people either.

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