Amazing circus lions that spent over 8 years in cage take first steps to freedom


In circuses usually the animals are treated rightly. They never get what they want or need the poor creatures are just responsible for what they should do.

So one of them based in Guatemala was noticed by the Animal defenders organization. So they went on to find out what were they doing against the rules while training the animals.

They found Tarzan and Tanya the two incredible lions that shared a strong bond. Thankfully they were rescued by the ADI.

At first the lions were sent to a shelter were they have been taken care of and got the needed treatment before they were to go to their forever home.

After being fully recovered the lions were sent to South Africa sanctuary where they could live with no fear.

Now the amazing creatures have a huge territory to play and have fun. They enjoy being together very much. And this gives hope to other animals in such conditions that there is always a hope.

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