Her kittens go cuckoo for VitaMix box, so she writes to the company and what’s their response? This is too sweet!


Jessica and her couple, Nikki, lived with their 3 cute kitties, Max, George, and Lando. As of late, the couple requested a Vitamix.

It was at that point the 3 felines‘ mother learned about her kitties‘ degree of interest with the vacant bundling box from Vitamix. This was obviously something that Jessica had never seen in her cats.

She put down the Vitamix box on the kitchen floor and turned around. When Jessica did as such, Max immediately sat on the crate.

In spite of the fact that Jessica thought it was lovable, she presumed that Max would tire and jump down.

Nonetheless, maybe she had misconstrued her kitty totally. Indeed, even following 2 hours, Max was all the while sitting on the container. The following morning, Lando scaled the Vitamix box.

Consistently the felines were fixated on this specific box. Individuals, Jessica knew, had told her that she wanted more boxes. So Nikki chose to compose an open letter to Vitamix.

Luckily, the feline mothers got a reaction from Vitamix expressing they would send them the cases. So the fake boxes at long last shown up.

In any case, there was still some fight for control among the three felines since there were just two boxes for them three.

With respect to kitties, Jessica said Max was found when he was a month and a half old cat on a highway bridge. Nonetheless, Lando was embraced as a little cat that before long transformed into an „blast of cushion.“

George was a dark-striped feline and came from a family looking to rehome him as they couldn’t deal with him. George and Lando were reinforced siblings and were in every case together.

They were the family gatekeeper and monitors. They needed to check whatever was brought into the house.

In the mean time, the feline mothers got another email from Vitamix’s showcasing group expressing they had likewise sent them a delightful feline tree.

The felines adored it. Here the proprietors had found every one of their felines nestling up. In spite of the fact that George and Lando were the most fortified, finding Max and Lando snuggle up demonstrated how much the felines adored one another.

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