Two cute Corgis watch over a tiny kitten sister in the heart-melting video


As this video starts at first moment you don’t get the situation as in the beginning all that ca be seen is a white ceiling. Then we notice Corgi Wesly very intensively looking at the box that is labeled „Organic cane sugar“.

For sure there is no sugar cane in the box. We can see that there are blankets in the box and it can be seen even without having the clear look.

After the owner calls for Wesly for a few times, he comes to move the camera and give it a better look. After that we can see that there is a little kitten inside of the box.

It’s obvious that the dog just adores her baby kitten and he is overly protective. Then the owner said to be soft with the baby. As Ruby was asleep.

He adores watching over her. In the video is seen how the tiny one is rolling in the blankets.

In the next scene Ruby is having a meal. She is so tiny that even her bottle is huge than her whole body. It’s obvious that she loves eating and eating loves her but her eyes haven’t even opened yet.

During night Ruby has nothing to worry about either as she has the best protector brothers ever. She will never feel any loneliness as her best brothers will be by her side throughout her whole life.

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