Pup wit different face features shows that magic is within the heart, finds excellent forever family


When animals or people are a little bit different from others the society does not want to accept them. But even this unique faces will be able to find their loving families and the people who will be with them till the bitter end.

Happily this was the case with Lisa a 10-week-old pup, who never put her hands down.

On her face she had scars and also her eyes needed special surgery to get rid of the eyelid infections. So she joined the Human Society in California.

The workers needed to find a place for the pup, until Christine and her shelter got available. Christine said that no matter how different Lisa looked she never was full of hatred.

She was such a good and energetic girl, always full of love and positive vibes. She is in everybody’s heart and even the larger dogs are not able to share such amount of love as she does.

Despite all the hardships and struggles that Lisa went through she was always happy and satisfied with life.

Lisa is a really good girl, she truly loves playing with stuffed animals and has a very kissy, cuddly character.

She never hesitated and was never fearful of staying alone as she knew for sure that there is someone who will love her no matter her differences.

Lisa got lucky and so did the family who came at the very right time and adopted her. They renamed her as Fortunate.

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