The puppy left in a bucket, is now living his best life as a trained crime-fighting hero


Meet Badger that was found at a really young age being abandoned in a bucket in a front garden of a house.

In 2019, when Badger was just a 6-week-old puppy, was found in Redhill, with three other pups. Now he has got a brilliant future ahead as a police worker.

The little ones were found in a severe conditions, they had eye and ear problems, due to severe mange they were totally bald. The rescue company took a good care of all of them and then found families for them.

All the other pups were really happy with their new families and were enjoying their life. But what comes to Badger he was an overly active and vivacious dog and couldn’t get along with his new family so he came back to the shelter.

The stuff was sure that he will be good in the law sphere . And Jo Douglas, the one who was always by Badger’s side, said that the process of his progress was really amazing.

How he from a helpless weak puppy became a fighter. Jo also said that the pup was always good and smelling and locating things and that’s why he chose to give him that chance of proving himself.

His today’s co-worker says that Badger still has a little bit playing part in himself but his concentration is now fully on himself. He can keep anyone grinning all day long. It seems that the dog has really found his call for life.

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