This lost pup walks 45 miles across LA,California to finally find a beautiful forever family


As Suzette Hall’s experience tells us for lost dogs it’s very common to wander around. She says that lost dogs usually wander while the abandoned ones stay where they were left.

When she got a call about dog that was recently adopted and had escaped from his new home, she knew exactly that there was a long way ahead of her.

She never expected that the pup would walk 45 miles all over California to find a perfect forever home.

The team made sure to post the dog’s pictures all over the social media to make sure that everybody knows that the pup had gone missing.

Nobody knew how but Koa, the dog managed to be almost everywhere in Southern California.

He had been in many cities and the local police knew about him. And finally Koa ended up in Westminster, that was almost 45 miles away from his adoptive home.

And he finally stopped at the church’s territory. She set up her trap and waited, but Koa wouldn’t take the bait. No one was able to catch him.

However after two months of searches and trials, Hall was really determined to catch the pup and so they did. The two rescue companies of Westminster helped Hall very much in that.

When they caught him Hall immediately took him to the vet to get recovered from the long journey. And so Koa did, he recovered and really soon.

Then he was returned back home and after so much struggles and hardships he now finally found a home where he can be really happy.

Now he just has the best life ever. He really enjoys himself out. Koa plays around his yard and never thinks of wandering, maybe never again. His new mother now just loves him and they are really amazing.

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