Poor dog was found extremely weak and skinny, months later he’s unrecognizable after recovery and after that finds a family


Once you get a dog you will understand that they are your best friend. They deserve to have the best life as they are the kindest creatures of this world.

However some of them struggle a lot before finding a way to happy family and happy life.

Some of the stories might break our hearts and some of them might even be our best memories. But we are happy that most of the time stories end in a good way.

Today I want to introduce you the story of Coco a dog who struggled a lot in his life. Coco was awfully mistreated by his owners and was found at the river bank all alone left to starve.

He was so thin that his bones could be seen through his skin. Then it appeared that hadn’t even eaten anything in a really long period.

He was not only really weak physically, he also struggled because of several parasites in addition. Lucky for him he was found by a very very kind people who helped him to survive.

They took him to the vet’s and there he made a full recovery. Coco’s healing path was really slow and hard but he didn’t even notice how he got through all that as he was really weak.

Love, care and friendship of that people helped him to recover and come back to life. And after everything was over he got adopted by one of his rescuers.

Now Coco lives in a very happy and a big family, where he is very loved and appreciated.

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