Pup with broken leg feels the woman is here to help, so he jumps into her arms


Once this kind woman was driving along the way of a countryside, it was then when she noticed something moving in the bushes.

She stopped and looked closely, and she saw a dog that was suffering from agitating pain. When the dog saw the woman he immediately jumped into her arms.

Later the dog was named Vlad and it seemed that he was really happy to get that help back. He knew for sure that the woman was his only way of survival.

So he did his best to get that survival. He was so hungry Vlad even tried to eat the package of tissues in the car.

The woman took him to the vet where he was examined thoroughly. The doctor saw that the dog’s leg was broken. And everything got worse because he was out like that suffering like a week or more.

The brave boy Vlad, went through a very serious surgery and then treatment to be able to walk again, without any pain.

Then with time he regained his full strength thanks to the remedy course. He is now a handsome and a brilliant boy.

Vlad now has his new dream family and lives really happily. Curt, his new daddy, renamed him Buddy, which goes perfectly with his friendly and lovable character. He keeps his family members always smiling.

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