Street cat sneaks into a nursing home, gets her dream employment and a forever home


The healthcare centers should before opening and starting to work are to choose the best stuff. They should find the ones who are really caring and want to work.

They need to be prepared to work and be as kind as possible. But to many Nursing Home’s surprise, they didn’t have to search for workers but the workers came and found them.

Meet Oreo, the cat that became the best volunteering worker at that center. The workers and customers just love her. She is the best that ever happened to anyone.

Most of the residents who have pets at home thanks to Oreo feel home. Oreo, came found this healthcare center and decided that she wants to work and live there.

She help everyone there. Waits with the residents for their ride, keeps the wheelchairs warm and snuggly. When she appeared in the center she was just a stray cat, but now she became the best thing that has ever happened to them.

She is the best volunteer worker there. And now she has a family and a place to stay.

So the both sides ended up having benefits. Oreo, who found a loving family and roof over her head, and the workers that got the best co-worker ever.

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