This dog starved and froze for months without leaving her five puppies hungry, she is a hero mother


We have never been able to believe that animals can be so emotional and so devoted. So this mam dog’s story touched everybody’s heart.

The story is about Celeste a mother that was thrown out to street when she was pregnant. She had to give birth on the street and also she failed to take care of them.

Just imagine how hard it is to take care of your babies when you are outside and have no supplies. Their life was like a nightmare.

She had to care about feeding her babies, and taking care of them in the freezing weather. She wanted to make sure that her babies were well fed and had nothing to worry about.

She was so thin and was really starving but her babies were sucking her milk like crazy. She was really tired and weak. For 5 months Celeste suffered. She had no food to eat but had to keep her 5 babies alive.

So she just fed them with her milk. Luckily the babies were really healthy, but what comes to Celeste her body was weakened from hunger. Now it’s time for Celeste the best mother ever to feel calm and safe.

She always chose her babies over herself but now she just has to sit and enjoy being the best mam ever. All of them luckily appeared to be in their foster mama’s home who is Elaine.

All of them have a hard way of recovery to go yet, but what is the most important thing is that they will never have to go through such struggles.

Thanks to that kind woman they are saved now. This mother really deserves praises, because she is the best.

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