This pup crawls under his mechanic dad’s car to give him the biggest and warmest cuddle


When you see a golden retriever you can notice their unique character at once. They are such a great souls on this earth, so friendly and lovely. They have even their amazing smiley faces that make them even more beautiful.

Some say that it’s not even a real smile but something that they copy from people but whatever it is it is something really amazing.

As a retriever expert stated they do have a smile and they can be of 3 types: panting, aggressive and submissive smiles. In case of people smiles usually show happiness, but in their case it can be either fear or anxiety.

The smile that truly shows happiness is the one when they stick out their tongues and seems like they are wearing a huge grin.

That usually means that your dog is happy, but when it comes to fear it’s when they show their teeth and they feel a little tense.

So when this happens know that they are not smiling they are just afraid of something or do not know what is going on. And also they a submissive smile, when while showing their teeth, they squint their eyes.

But we can say that 80% of their smiles are mostly happy ones. When they feel really happy and grateful for being somewhere. And the remaining 20% is divided between the other two smiles.

Here is a story for you of a smiling dog. The dog of the story comes to interrupt his mechanic daddy while working and tell him how much he loves by giving one of the biggest hugs to him.

That’s when he decides that it’s time for good kisses and he leans on his dad to give him a warm kiss. Then he stops laying on the top of his dad and just stares at him with adoration.

Next he wants some cuddles so where is the best place than your dad’s lap. So he cuddles on dad’s shoulder and takes a nap. As the daddy still had work to do he gives him some pets and then continues his job.

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