In this video a 3-year-old girl cuts her hair short, her confession to dad is awesome


I know that being a toddler means being in a period of full time curiosity. They are capable of doing anything that the whole offers them just to find out something new.

And I’m sure that while being a toddler you have done some crazy stuff too and will remember some interesting stories. And most of the time they can bring even serious harms just to learn a lesson for themselves.

The toddler of our story learned a good lesson soon enough, but she was lucky enough to not cause any serious harms.

Most of the time they tend to copy the adults in their surroundings, maybe to find out why they do the certain things.

And for lots of cases it’s pretty adorable, but there might also be times when the results wouldn’t coincide with their imagination. Here we see a three year old baby girl who has been pretty experimental with her hair.

She will make you laugh to tears and also this video will make you proud as well. You will see a perfect dad, who handled that situation pretty well. He is a perfect dad, who deserves best praises.

The girl did a great job. She cut her hair pretty short and in one side she almost cut them all off. Just watch the video to see the results.

When father asked her why she did so, she said that she just wanted to be like Miss Jessica. When you hear what she asks in the end it will make you have fits of laughter.

Just go watch the vido fully to find out what’s going on. And if you like it, please share it, for you family and friends to see her as well.

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