This office workers find out a sneaky kitten has been spying on them


Kitten are called to be sneaky and we all know that perfectly well. This fact became obvious in one Japanese offices, where the employees found out that a cat had targeted their office.

Though the little one wasn’t stealing anything. He was using his stealth for surveillance. And his spot was discovered when a worker suddenly noticed that a little face was looking down on them from the hole in the ceiling.

And quickly took a photo of this kitten and sent it to his colleague, who also posted it on her Twitter account. As we see the picture has really gone viral.

Everyone is looking at the picture and making hilarious comments about it.Maybe all he wanted to do was just to look at the workers and ake sure that they all were focused on their work.

Don’t you think that we would have a better work ethic if we know that a little cute cat is closely looking on us.

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