Vet determined to save chocolate puppy no bigger than chocolate milkshake and then adopts it


There are some pup stories that break my heart to pieces and then bring them all together again. One of them is the story that I’m going to tell you now. Meet Bronson, the pup who was born with cleft palate.

Actually not many of the dogs having this problem survive for a long time. However there was a vet, who was determined to give the doggie a second chance at life.

As her family has decided to put her down, this vet put all her possibilities just to make it work. And she got to make the family sign some papers for her to become the foster mom of this doggy. She could do so.

She actually explained why in most cases this problem makes people to euthanize their dogs. You see when it affects the hard or soft palate, puppies usually do not thrive.

The space in the roof of their mouth does not allow them to eat properly, and they eventually die of starvation.

Every one to two hours she fed him via a special feeding tube. With time she fell in love with the dog and couldn’t help but adopt him.

And now when we see how adorable and amazing dog he became, we cannot blame her.

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